WWE 2K19 Trailer Reveal Rey Mysterio As Pre-Order Bonus Character

Rey Mysterio In WWE 2K19

During Monday Night Raw, WWE and 2k Games announced that this year’s WWE game’s pre-order bonus character is none other than Mr. 619 Rey Mysterio with a new WWE 2K19 Trailer. Yes, you heard it right Rey Mysterio is in WWE 2K19 and exclusively as a pre-order bonus.

WWE 2K19 Trailer- Rey Mysterio

In the above WWE 2K19 trailer, many WWE Superstars are commenting on Rey Mysterio’s legacy. Jeff Hardy, Asuka, The Miz, Bobby Roode, Charlotte Flair and WWE Champion A.J Style refers him in the different ways.

Rey Mysterio worked 13 years for WWE years before his departure in 2015. Recently, he made his return in WWE in two Royal Rumbles. After his appearances, fans are speculating his official return to WWE. His addition to WWE 2K19 as pre-order bonus hints towards his return in the company very soon.

WWE 2K19 Trailer

Since Rey Mysterio is WWE 2K19 pre-order bonus, there is a possibility that there will be a variety of attire and outfit will available for him. You might able to play with his classic WCW and WWE builds along with a new version in the game. It is not confirmed, but in the past WWE 2K games, Kurt Angle and Bill Goldberg character also received a variety of builds.

Fans over twitter also show huge excitement upon seeing the announcement in new WWE 2K19 trailer