Yeh Meri Family Trailer, Took Us Back To Childhood

Yeh Meri Family Episode 1 Review

A few days back TVF has announced its forthcoming web series titled as Yeh Meri Family and it now has broadcasted the nostalgic trailer for the same that took us back to our childhood, Yeh Meri Family Trailer drives us 20 years down the lane and gives us the glimpse of our unforgettable childhood. The series stars Mona Singh as peculiar 90’s mom and an apple of everybody’s eye, Vishesh Bansal as Harshu- a 12-year-old quick-witted boy, Ahaan Nirban as Dabbu – a 15-year-old Adarsh beta and Ruhi Khan as Chitti- a 5-year-old sweet girl.

What’s there in Yeh Meri Family Trailer?

The trailer of the series begins portraying the life of Gupta’s and introduces the family members which consists of parents, three school goers, their friend and one of them’s crush. It gives a glimpse of the time when we were in our teens and the way things used to happen with us. All those rebukes, indoor and outdoor games, flames, getting beaten up by the parents and finishing the glass of milk was a task and plants in the balcony used to help us, hahahaha.

Children showcased the struggle that we used to understand our moms, very rightly said that like every child has a favourite parent similarly every parent has a favourite child. The trailer delivers an absolute 90’s feel which is gonna be a treat to watch. TVF Yeh Meri Family is about a family which consists of 5 members and handles everything amicably sharing an unbreakable and lovely bond. The series is said to have seven episodes and will showcase the simplicity and purity in conflicts, emotions and their bond. Set in the backdrop of Jaipur over the events of summer vacations of 1998 promises to make you feel nostalgic.

Yeh Meri Family Trailer

Your Golden days are waiting to be relived again on 12 July as the series will go on floors on TVF’s channel. Yeh Meri Family is a TVF original directed by directed by Sameer Saxena and penned down by Saurabh Khanna is a family dramedy.