Zee5 Releases Ruskin Bond’s The Wind On Haunted Hill Episode

Zee5 Ruskin Bond The Wind On Haunted Hill
Zee5 Ruskin Bond The Wind On Haunted Hill

ZEE5 as of late reported its association with famous creator Ruskin Bond where 12 of his phantom stories come alive on screen – ‘Parchayee – Ghost stories by Ruskin Bond’. The first ‘THE GHOST IN THE GARDEN’ featuring Farida Jalal, Sarah-Jane Dias, Swanand Kirkire got a marvelous reaction and now showing the following story from the collection ‘THE WIND ON HAUNTED HILL’ featuring Manav Vij, Dalip Tahil, Sara Arjun, Mazel Vyaas, Armaan Ansari and Gauri Singh.

The story of Ruskin Bond’s The Wind On Haunted Hill

On a Haunted Hill, swept by wailing breezes blowing down from the Himalayan snows, stands the vestiges of an abandoned house. The inhabitants, including two kids, had been slaughtered when an electrical discharge struck the house years prior. A 12-year-old local young girl is compelled to take protect in the vestiges after being gotten in a deluge on her way from the bazaar. As the evening blurs into the night, the two younger siblings, a boy and a girl, are set out in the rain to search for their senior sister.

The older sister doesn’t realize that her younger siblings are in the ruins and they don’t realize she is there. With pounding hearts, the drenched kids count seconds, doing whatever it takes not to be frightened by the cry of the breeze, the moan of the oak that has spread roots in the vestiges, and the sounds made by a wild cat and an owl that have also moved into the derelict structure. At that point as lightning once in a while enlightens the dull insides of the remains, the kids see spooky figures of other youngsters. Is it true that they are seeing one another, or do they have company?

Zee5 Ruskin Bond The Wind On Haunted Hill
Zee5 Ruskin Bond The Wind On Haunted Hill

National award-winning director V.K. Prakash who has directed the story says, “Ruskin Bond short stories have always been fascinating. Each story creates its own little world of fantasy. The idea to adapt these stories on screen is what drew me towards the project. It was a wonderful experience creating Ruskin Bond’s world on screen, shooting in cold, scenic hill stations. Plus, the added benefit of it being on a huge platform such as ZEE5 would ensure its vast reach. Banijay Productions has been doing some very good work off late and without their support and passion towards this project, it would have not been possible to achieve the results we have achieved.”

Actor Manav Vij :
“Working for ZEE5 and Banijay’s upcoming Ruskin Bond series has been an amazing experience. I always had this fascination with Ruskin bond stories as a child and considering it is my launch into the web space, I was looking for a character this unique. Thank you to ZEE5 and Banijay for bringing this opportunity to me. While shooting with them, I only wished this short story was longer and didn’t finish so early. Looking forward to work with them again. All the best for the show.”


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